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This is book 1 of the Ruled by His Touch Mafia romance series! Books 2 and 3 are available everywhere now!

I’ve got her right where I want her – cuffed, bare, and begging for more.

She doesn’t belong in my world.

But that won’t stop me from dragging her here.

I’ll use her to help me – then I’ll use her to please me.

And then I’ll throw her aside.


I seek power and glory, and not even the most vicious mob boss will stop me.

But when I capture one of his mafia men, I can’t understand a word the dog is saying.

Enter Dr. Jenna: prim, proper and a brilliant professor… and fluent in Russian.

She’s the vanilla type of woman I’ve always avoided.

Until I discover that, underneath her sweaters and pencil skirts, are curves to die for.

I want to rough her up.

Make her hair fall from its tight bun as I take her until she screams my name.

But soon, she’s in too deep, and she becomes a liability.

At the beginning, I might’ve just needed someone to get the enemy to talk.

But I’m finding out way too late:

Jenna as become the woman I never want to let go.


I understand history and languages—not men.

And certainly not bad men like this outlaw biker president, with his muscles and tattoos and dark, mysterious eyes.

He wants me to help him, to translate his captive’s confessions for him.

I want to say no. I want to stay in my safe bubble.

Yet I can’t stop wanting Garrett to pull me close and capture my mouth.

Dominating me, possessing me.

He’s not a man I should trust. He’s not a man I should want.

This forbidden romance can only end badly.

I’m smart enough to know better.

But – as smart as I may be…

nothing could’ve prepared me for Garrett ruthlessly capturing my heart.


The dirty mob boss used her to get what he wanted. But what if she wants more? Coed meets criminal in this dark romance mafia series from bestseller Zoey Parker. This new adult contemporary romance has enough sex, action, and excitement to make you read the whole thing in one sitting. Mob bosses and romance go together like vodka and cranberry, so don’t miss out—get your HANDS CUFFED today!

October 27
Sopris Page Press

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