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A cozy thriller with a humorous bent! FBI Agent Henry Hartman is a big, fat liar for all the right reasons. He's a master of deception, weaving wild tales and creating illusions to fool the bad guys.

No one knows this better than Sydney Stansfield, the poor woman he roped into working on highly classified "off the books" operations when she was at her most vulnerable.

Dumped by the ex-husband she put through dental school, Syd vows to never get married again. That's a challenge Henry can't leave alone. Raised by a family of women, Henry is a sentimental rogue, even more so at the holidays. But he's not about to leave his job as an FBI agent behind, even if it means fooling the Hartman ladies.

Syd is along for the wild ride when the Christmas celebration collides head on with a killer determined to take out his target. The federal agent crosses the wrong guy and ends up being used for batting practice -- it's up to Syd to get the injured man to Bethlehem, New Hampshire in time for the family reunion. Henry and Syd struggle to keep the ladies out of the loop while getting the job done, but those secrets just keep popping up at the most inconvenient times.

Roped into a Christmas wedding at the Inverness Lodge by the willful women, Syd can't figure out if Henry really intends to marry her or if he's just trying to fool his dying grandmother. Will Henry ever tell the truth?

Crime & Thrillers
March 30
Sara Barton

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