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Home is Where the Heart Is... The final book in the Cloverleah Pack series.

All Cloverleah Pack Enforcer Wesley (Wes) wanted the night he went out, was to have a few drinks, maybe find some company, and try and forget his worries and insecurities for few hours. The drinks flowed and he found the company; a gorgeous man with a mysterious scent, who seemed to completely understand the anger, shame, and jealousy Wes was hiding from his pack mates. Unfortunately, Wesley didn't understand how badly he'd been conned until he woke up the next morning alone in a cave.

Fast forward months later and Wes discovered the wards that had have held him captive from day one had suddenly disappeared. Not one to dither when a chance to escape presented itself, Wesley set off, sometimes on two feet and sometimes on four... looking for a way out of a barren realm that held nothing but red sand and black rocks.

Cass enjoyed being a demon from a large family. The Underworld was good to him; he had a job, a house and he didn't lack for company. Unfortunately, his carefree attitude tended to get him into trouble at times and when his brother Myka insisted on him paying back a "favor" he’d incurred through a badly placed bet, Cass had no choice but to agree. It sounded simple enough. Meet with the snobby and reclusive members of the Cloverleah Pack, find out about a missing wolf, and then search for that wolf in the Underworld. Cass figured he could be home in time for his mama's Sunday dinner.

Finding Wes wasn't the problem, but Wesley had stumbled onto a situation of his own he couldn't leave. What was worse, was when Cass was forced to tell Wesley about why no one from his pack had been looking for him before, Wes knew he had no way of ever going back to the life he had. The fact that Cass and Wesley were fated mates was hard to celebrate as Wes tried to cope with the loss of his pack status and the implications of his current situation.
Meanwhile, the men from Cloverleah were coming to terms with some home truths of their own. The thought of having to see Wesley again, and actually apologize for thinking he'd sunk so low as to try and destroy a mating, was too hard for some pack members to face. This in turn causes issues between those who struggled and those who believed in the bonds of a pack. Serious soul searching was needed if the men were ever going to understand that the only powers worth trusting was unconditional love and acceptance.

This book is not a standalone. It is the sixteenth and final book in the series (fourteen full novels and two compilations of short stories). It is recommended that you have read at least the last three books before reading this one.

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February 29
Lisa Oliver

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