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What do you get when you’ve run out of sane ideas on how to deal with your mother?

A situation that has disaster written all over it.

Rena Salinger has a good life. She is self-employed as a web designer and gets to work from home. She has the greatest two best friends any girl could ask for. Plus, she lives in a great apartment complex rent-free. So, her life really is the stuff of dreams. Well, only if you discount the fact that she has a smother-mother, and that she hasn't had sex in months. Other than those two things, she's happy as a lark.

Knowing that her mother is determined to marry her off to her best friend's son, that just gives Rena another reason to avoid her mother (not that she needed one). Rena would rather become a cat lady over marrying her mother’s perfect pick for her. Not to mention, it's not a good look to be planning a wedding to one man while you're secretly fantasizing about another. Not a good look at all.

Jackson St. James is a pediatrician and a damn good one. He's also gorgeous, kind, and has a wonderful family. He'd rather work with children than grown adults because...well, grownups sucked. Jackson lives for his patients, and that’s how he likes it. Nothing feels better than helping, healing, or just spending time with a child. Jackson didn’t even mind the long hours.

Still, with his two younger brothers falling in love and getting married, his mother is really putting the screws to him. In his mother’s opinion, being the oldest, he should be married with a couple of kids by now. However, dating was kind of hard with the hours he kept and not many women liked to share their time. Plus, a certain blonde has caught his eye and he had no desire to look away just yet.

When jumping to the wrong conclusion does its thing…
After her mother invites her to an honoring ceremony, Rena starts on a desperate mission to find a guy to play the perfect boyfriend. Desperate to escape the matchmaking, when Jackson offers to help her out, Rena jumps at the chance to spend more time with the sexy pediatrician with the tatted-up body.

After hearing Rena’s insane plan to scour the internet for an escort to some fancy party that’s honoring her mother for charity work, Jackson steps in and puts a stop her crazy plan and offers his help. While Rena might think he’s just helping her out, Jackson’s looking to make things with her real.

Certain that her mother is going to drive her over the edge, Rena finds herself looking to Jackson St. James to protect her from all her mother’s crazy. Certain that he has finally found the woman of his dreams, Jackson finds himself ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make Rena his.

Good times.

NOTE: This book contains adult language, adult situations, explicit sexual encounters, and heartbreak songs on repeat. If sensitive to any of the aforementioned issues, please do not purchase.

1 August
M.E. Clayton

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