How to Talk to Girls Simplified: Free Version Why Openers aren´t the Solution

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If you have trouble starting a chat with a girl you like.

If you always end up in boring conversations or do not know what to say.

If you want to know what to do on a date to make it a fun, exciting and interesting experience.

If you want her to really enjoy being with you and to feel attracted

If you have already searched through various Videos, Blogs or Wikihow and they did not help you.

Then this is your book!

Some of the questions they ask me most frequently are: How do I start a conversation? What do I say to a girl? Should I have certain phrases prepared in advance?

One of the main problems when striking up a conversation with a woman is that everything seems to be going well and then suddenly her interest seems to simply disappear, her answers are shortened and you might even start feeling like a disaster, wishing you had the ability to know what she was thinking.

It's happened to all of us some time or another that we don't know what to say when entering into a conversation or that there are some uncomfortable silences. The truth is that it is not as difficult as many think, and yet many men end up in boring conversations and girls rarely have unforgettable nights with them.


Because they end up doing the same boring, predictable, and tedious things than the last 100 previous guys did and they simply don't work. Imagine that one girl is on a date with a random guy she doesn't know and he starts asking her the same questions she always hears.

"So where do you come from?", "What is your job?", "What do you study?", "Why did you choose that university?", "Where would you like to live?", "Where would you like to go on vacations?", or even talk about the WEATHER! Yes! That last one, definitely, is the topic of conversation of an unforgettable night ...

The worst thing is that there is a belief that the solution to this is "openers" or pre-set phrases and I have to admit that I used to think that way too. Once a guy wrote to me: "If I just had a perfect phrase to start a conversation everything else would just flow."

In the same way many men also look for that perfect phrase, that all-encompassing opener, in order to get attention instantly and make any girl attracted towards us ... but I'm sorry to say that it doesn't work this way.

The people who unconsciously feel like techniques or pick-up phrases are necessary is because they do not feel good enough themselves to win the ladies' attention. The most successful men are those who don't put women above themselves. That way your game becomes simple and natural. In this book I will give you the tools to improve conversations, flirt, and connect with women in a sexual way.

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30 January
German Muhlenberg

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