Ignite Your Metabolism

Increase Your Metabolism to Lose Weight and Gain Energy

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Publisher Description

Are you looking for a permanent solution to your weight problem? A solution, which doesn’t involve drastic steps like surgery? Are you tired of dieting, being hungry, counting calories, losing a few pounds, and putting them back on again?

Would you like to lose weight naturally, safely and permanently?

It can be done, but you would first have to learn something about your metabolism. What it is, how it works, and how it can be made to burn your unwanted fat. At the same time giving you more energy for leading a healthier and more exciting life, and attain the lean, fit body you always wanted.

You need to learn why dieting doesn’t work. The key to permanently losing weight and getting the body you desire is to control your metabolism. Having a faster metabolism is the ultimate key to losing weight!

You need to learn how to fire up your metabolic rate with only a slight change to your eating habits, and some simple exercises you can do at home, - even at work.

So that you can start losing weight without dieting, being hungry, counting calories, or spending all your evenings in the gym with your expensive personal trainer.  

A healthy metabolism not only benefits your body weight, but your mind as well. It will help you stay focused and full of energy for your favourite activities. Your self-confidence will naturally rise as a result.

If that’s how you would like to live your life, you will find all the answers in this amazing book.

You will learn the fat-busting secrets that most people wish they knew. Learn how to use these elements to your advantage.

Unfortunately, all the past dieting has probably messed up your metabolism to the point, where you can’t wake it up without first learning what it is, how it works, how it affects your body, and how it can be speeded up. Learn about the factors which affect your metabolism, and the important role your mind plays in achieving a faster metabolic rate.

• A 7-day step-by-step program

• The key benefits of eating right, instead of eating less.

• Nutrients your body needs, and those it doesn’t need.

• The importance of good sleep.

• There are also simple and effective exercises, which you can do any time without using weights or going to gym. 

• And a whole lot more!

Yes, you can attain your dream body figure, higher energy level, renewed strength, stamina, and excellent health without going hungry on one or another fad diet.

With an actively high-speed metabolism, you need not worry about complex diets, rigorous exercises, surgeries, or pills. Your body will continue to burn fats, even as you sleep!

This book is your ticket to a leaner body, a clearer mind, and an active lifestyle!

So stop dieting, stop being distressed, and start learning.

Health & Well-Being
18 December

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