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The Bible says that the heavenly Father created man and gave him the privilege to have dominion over creation. Shortly after the creation, the unfortunate thing happened and Adam in a single moment sold his privileges to the devil. For God to restore humanity back to himself, he needed to send His beloved Son into the world. So, Christ Jesus came into the world to fulfill the agenda of the Father.
When Jesus satisfied all the demands of eternal justice, the heavenly Father was pleased to honor his beloved Son. It is in this regard that Jesus Christ has become preeminent over the physical and the spiritual creation. This book will help you to understand the absolute preeminence of Christ. Indeed, the Lord Jesus is matchless in every aspect and the Heavenly Father desires that you become acquainted with these truths so that you can exercise dominion over your destiny as a Christian. Christ has done it for us and the Father has highly exalted him above any other thing.
The whole canon of scripture points to the Lord Jesus Christ alone and the Bible prophecies have been fulfilled in Him. Indeed, the whole of the scriptures have the climax of their existence fulfilled in the death and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. This book contains a detailed exposition of the Book of Hebrews and I have tackled the most challenging subject of the New Testament which is the preeminence of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Because of the love of God for humanity, Jesus Christ has endured great contradiction against himself so that he could receive the glory of God that can be transferred to humanity. He had glory with His Father when he was in heaven. He considered all of this for nothing so that the plan of God could be eventually fulfilled in Him. Today as part of his finished wok, he has a name that is operating in the heaven, earth and under the earth. Follow me as we journey through this book to uncover the complete account of how Christ was exalted into preeminence in the Kingdom of God. Indeed, Jesus Christ holds preeminence in all of creation.

Religion & Spirituality
September 12
Louis Asare

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