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We all have defining moments. Moments when we are thrown into the “unknown”...trials that test our faith; prove our trust in God. These moments can come so suddenly that there is no time for preparation; no time for “what ifs.” Trials that don’t just “define” or “refine” who we are--but “reveal” who we are and what is inside the deepest part of our hearts.

Jesus Meet Me reveals two hearts, a mother and daughter, walking uncharted grounds of their faith. As journalers, their collective writings are raw and honest, as has been their relationship with the Lord. The writings include penned narrations into the heart of Meagan; passionate letters to her God; passion expressed through intimate prayers and self-reflection found in her personal journals. And also, defining moments that have inspired writings of Rebecca, some shared within these pages alongside her daughter’s.

Jesus Meet Me will prayerfully reveal to every reader this truth--what is deposited inside of our hearts during private moments with Jesus, by His Holy Spirit, is the very essence that prepares us, sustains us, and keeps us...when we are faced with life’s defining moments.

“I just read your post and was so blessed. I save reading them until I have time to treasure and absorb what the Lord is encouraging you to share. The sharing that you’ve done from Meagan’s journal and now your heart are handprints on my life that I carry with me. There are many things I appreciate, but very seldom do I carry a handprint away on my soul.” 
Susie Zinn Breedwell

“I am always moved by Meagan’s thoughts, and this clearly shows the depth of her wisdom and her ability to communicate that wisdom in a clear and simple way...no matter who reads these words, no matter their history, they will ‘see’ and experience a beautiful touch from the Lord.”
Michael Demus

June 6
Point to Point LLC