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Are you looking for a job that’s right for you? And when you find that job, do you know how to sell yourself as a fit not only for the job but also for the organization.

This workbook guides you in using culture fit to find the right workplace for you—a workplace where the culture is a good fit for you.

How well a job candidate fits the culture of a workplace can make the difference between job search success and failure.

Organizations screen candidates for culture fit. Don’t you think you should evaluate that fit as well? You can use culture to help you decide where you will achieve the greatest fulfillment in your work. Understanding how to diagnose the culture of an organization can guide you in finding an organization where you will flourish and be happy going to work.

This workbook will give you the knowledge you need to find an organization that is a fit, and to sell yourself effectively. You can share not only how your experiences and strengths position you for the job, but also how you fit the culture of the company. With this added knowledge, you can stand out and become the candidate who gets the job.

This workbook is divided into four sections.

Part 1, the Introduction, covers why culture is important to you and the steps for evaluating your fit with a workplace culture.

Part 2, Understanding Yourself, guides you in identifying your personal Ps—your purpose and principles—so you can create your Job Seeker Map.

Part 3, Understanding the Organization’s Culture, introduces the three Ps of Core Culture—Purpose, Philosophy and Priorities—so you can map the Core Culture of each potential workplace.

Part 4, Auditing for Culture Fit, helps you evaluate the right workplace for you. With an understanding of yourself and the unique Core Culture of a potential workplace, you can compare your Job Seeker Map with the organization’s Core Culture Map. By auditing the alignment of those maps, you can predict the degree of cultural fit you will have with each organization you consider. 

Employ the information and activities in this step-by-step guide to better understand yourself and the culture of a potential workplace and to decide if the organization is right for you. Then, using your knowledge of the company’s culture, you can effectively demonstrate how well you fit. With this information, you can be in a much better position to get the job you seek.

Begin the journey to finding a workplace that is right for you. Discover how to find a meaningful workplace where people are making a contribution and practicing the principles and values that matter to you. Use culture to get hired because you are a total fit.

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25 July
Workplace Culture Institute

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