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This multi-touch ebook is a fantastic resource for those studying for the Junior Cert science examination. It is so user-friendly that it makes studying for exams a lot easier. The three chapters of this ebook thoroughly cover the biology, chemistry and physics sections of the exam paper. Each chapter is divided into easy to follow sections.

It contains solutions to all of the exam questions of the science exam papers from 2006 to the present. The author gives valuable tips on how to tackle the exam and how to improve your grade at science.  Key terms that you must know are contained in the interactive study cards.

Students can also interact with this ebook through being able to highlight and underline text, add their own notes, lookup words/text in the dictionary, share using email, Facebook or Twitter, and test their knowledge with interactive review quizzes at the end of each topic.

Links to past exam papers are also included at the end of the ebook. 

The topics covered in this ebook are:


1. Living Things & the Cell

2. Food & the Digestive System

3. Respiration & the Breathing System

4. The Circulatory System

5. Excretion

6. The Skeletal & Muscular Systems

7. The Sensory & Nervous Systems

8. Human Reproduction

9. Genetics

10. Plant Structure & Transport

11. Photosynthesis & Tropisms

12. Plant Reproduction

13. Ecology

14. Habitat Study

15. Conservation

16. Microbiology & Biotechnology


1. States of Matter

2. Separation Techniques

3. Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

4. Atomic Structure

5. The Periodic Table

6. Bonding

7. Acids and Bases

8. The Atmosphere

9. Water and Solutions

10. Water Treatment

11. Metals

12. Fossil Fuels and Plastics


1. Measurement & Density

2. Motion

3. Forces

4. Moments & Centre of Gravity

5. Pressure

6. Work, Energy & Power

7. Heat

8. Light

9. Sound

10. Magnetism

11. Electricity

12. Electronics

Exam Solutions

This is part of a series of multi-touch ebooks which gives the solutions to past exam papers plus a lot more.

Whether it is accounting, biology, geography or physics you are studying, our top class teachers will guide you towards improving your grade through these easy-to-use multi-touch books.

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