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The story begins with a group of people hiding in the forest. They are escaping from someone as they search for their savior. Something that no one had ever imagined even in their worst nightmares had happened in this world. What is the secret that all these people are running away from? A woman named Monica is taking these people towards an unknown destination. Shivay had instructed her to go to this destination as soon all this would begin. What exactly has begun? What kind of dark secret has appeared before the world? What is it that everyone is running away to escape from? Who is this Shivay, and how did he know this secret in advance? Where is Shivay right now? Where is this destination that Shivay had told Monica about, and towards which she is taking all these people? Trusting in Shivay, Monica is looking for someone called 'K'. Who is this 'K'? Does 'K' really exist or is he just a figment of Shivay’s imagination? Will Monica ever be able to find ‘K’? Is 'K' their protector? As the story progresses, some dark secrets of this world and the universe are revealed. These secrets were kept hidden from the common man until the present. Get ready to witness the biggest story of this era. Get ready to find out all the hidden secrets. Get ready to enjoy the journey of ‘K’ filled with romance, action and mysteries.

Fiction & Literature
March 1
Babelcube Inc.

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