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Bessa, a buxum young woman, is settling into her new life on very special dairy ranch with her handsome cowboy handler named Henry. The only trouble is that Henry is traveling away from the ranch, and Bessa’s aching body still craves his attention!

Alone on the ranch without her lover to squeeze her in all the right ways, Bessa’s insatiable thirst for attention threatens her commitment to Henry. Fortunately, Bessa discovers a machine endowed with the power to quench her thirst and everyone else’s. With the machine, Bessa opens new sexual doors she didn’t even know existed!

This 6,800 word short story contains graphic exhibitionist milking between a luscious, curvy woman and a milk machine tailored to exploit her lactation needs. Warning: This story contains FF exhibition, FM(achine), and MF a**l exploits, topped off with a big glass of creamy milk.


As Sally led her further into the barn, Bessa’s eyes begin to adjust to the darkness. She could see that, unlike the main barn which was built as living quarters, this barn was built around production. A long metal shoot ran down the length of the center of the barn. On either side of that shoot were narrow slips just wide enough for an animal to stand in with walls that were only shoulder height for Bessa.

“This barn is the only original structure from the ranch that was here before ours,” Sally whispered. “They used to bring the cattle in here for feeding and milking. But we’ve made a few modifications to these stalls for our own purposes.”

She opened up one of the gates and pushed Bessa inside. Inside was a large metal monstrosity like nothing Bessa had ever seen. There were levers and moving parts like the sort of thing she had seen people use in traveling carnivals. Rising from the heart of the metal spider web between two stirrups was what looked like a huge metallic penis, and Bessa gasped in surprise.

“Th-this looks like trouble,” Bessa said, backing away. She bumped into Sally, who just giggled and pushed past her.

“This is what is going to keep you out of trouble, Bessa.” Sally stepped inside the metallic structure and hiked her dress up the few inches it needed to rise until it was around her waist.

Unsurprisingly, she was not wearing any undergarments, the milky smooth moon shone bare in the dim barn light.


Fiction & Literature
May 11
Adara Pole

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