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What desire could be stranger than the love of nylon-clad feet? But one woman’s strange is another woman’s sensual, sexy, provocative and inviting. The mere sight of pretty painted toes beneath silky soft pantyhose is enough to conjure up a wild frenzy of pure lust in some women, filling them full of new urges and paralyzing sensations, provoking deep hungers and peculiar fantasies, never stopping until they get just what it is they crave the most.

This red-hot trilogy of lesbian erotica explores what happens when women stop fighting and surrender to that most sensual of needs.

Katie’s Pantyhose Seduction: Andrea Jensen has a secret. A divorcée with a wicked imagination, she lives out her fantasies in erotic fiction, detailing her private desires and never daring to dream that she will ever get to live them. Andrea thought her fantasies were just that, destined to remain on the pages of her books… but college girl Katie has other ideas.

Kristy’s Magical Pantyhose: Ambitious designer Kristy Craig had been given a unique opportunity to impress. But a momentary loss of concentration, a tear in her pantyhose and the professional appearance she’d spent hours perfecting was utterly ruined. Enter a mysterious stranger and a pair of pantyhose that she promises will be utterly irresistible to all who see them!

Nicole and the Pantyhose Saleswoman: Getting trapped in a broken elevator with an older woman didn't seem like Nicole's ideal way to spend a Friday night. But Evie Long is no ordinary older woman and she has a sexy secret life. As the sensual and seductive pantyhose saleswoman recounts tales of steamy lesbian encounters with insatiable and nylon obsessed customers, Nicole realizes that, in fact, there's nowhere else she'd rather be...

Fiction & Literature
June 2
Ella Ford

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