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While their father is away at war, the four March sisters try their best to maintain life in their New England home. Fifteen-year-old Jo, modeled after author Louisa May Alcott, is a bit of a tomboy, tends to get in trouble, and loves writing. The oldest, Meg, works as a governess and puts herself in charge in the absence of their parents. The kind and charitable Beth loves music and being a caretaker. The youngest, Amy, is slightly spoiled and frustrated by being treated as the youngest.

Alcott gives us a realistic account of the girl’s lives – the ups and downs, tragedies and triumphs, successes and failures. It’s long remained one of the most relatable and appealing works of American literature.

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March 25
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Bubbles 15 ,

Little women

Omg if your looking for a great book this is the one
All characters are interesting all have good or bad things happening to them my two favorite characters are Amy and Josephine but in the book they call her Joe. Amy and joe are two totally different people Amy is the youngest out of the four and she’s a pretty girl that loves pretty things and is girly and sweet and Joe is eldest out of the four and is more of a tomboy and studies very hard . A load of stuff happen when there next door neighbors grandson comes over,and two people fall in love , but Amy loves him two even though she’s only young , and gets mad one of here older sisters loves him too and she is the same age as the boy.
Then tears fell from Amy’s eyes as she saw the guy(his name is not the guy you just have to see read the book to see who his name is)and one of here older sisters were with him and they were going somewhere together and she wasn’t allowed to come . If you’re interested in the book, and like it go watch the movie (the old version is better but you watch the newest one too,

Hope you enjoy
Because I did

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