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A warrior, a prince, a legend…
An unknown story of two sisters and how fate entwined them both to love the same man.

His name has been whispered into legend as Impaler. Before he was the legend, he was Vlad conquering more than Turks but hearts. He unexpectedly met and fell in love with two sisters. What he didn’t realize was that he would not be able to live without either of them.

A story of love, passion, war, betrayal, and murder.

Vlad has chosen his bride, but still remains torn between Erdenia and Erzsébet. One sister lives as his wife, while the other resides within the household, comforted by the knowledge that Vlad’s love for her sister is not unequal to the love the two of them share. Unable to keep himself from sharing his love for the second sister, the love affair is kept alive. Unbeknownst to Vlad’s wife – the mother of his heir – her husband secretly finds love within the arms of her own sister.

Will Vlad be able to continue to live as a loyal husband by day, and a man in love with another by night, all the while on his quest to retake the Wallachian throne? Will his hidden romance find its way to the surface? What consequences await both the legendary prince and the two sisters who love him should this secret be revealed? How will it affect his wife? Will she be able to live with the knowledge that her husband is in love with her sister? And how will his unwed love cope with the battle between love for her prince and loyalty to her own blood?

June 3
KCL Publishing

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