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Selena & Alex: Fifteen year old Selena Harris knew from the first moment she met Alex Kelly that she loved her but is Selena hiding a secret that will tear them apart?
Apprehensive: Fifteen year old Carson Lucas prepares to take her first step into growing up.
First Sight: Harmony Hansen had an ordinary life until the last term of year twelve when she met Katarina Wolf. Before long her life is changing in every way but will it ever return to normal.
Secret Crush: Tyronne Hastings has been in love with his best friend Penelope Gilbert for three years. Is he destined to be her friend forever or will he find a way to tell her how he feels?
The Choice: Piper Jackson thought her relationship with Marcus Jones was rock solid until she met Katie George. Katie stirs up feelings Piper had never felt before and suddenly she’s faced with a choice. Will she make the right one?
Confusion: Aster Little has always known she was different to the rest of her classmates but it wasn’t until now she knew just how different she was.
Lucy Wilson: Turned into a vampire a year earlier when she and her best friend, Cassandra Riley were jumped, Lucy Wilson has barely begun to get used to her new vampire status when Conor Simpson, a powerful vampire, tracks her down.
First Love: Natasha Waterson and Quinn Michele have been together for four years when tragedy strikes. Will Quinn be able to forget her first love or will she haunt her forever?

Fiction & Literature
April 2
Eleanor Butler

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