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Lucia Jordan is proud to release a new outstanding collection containing four of her Bestselling Series. 


Imagine for the first time, seeing the world in a completely different way. For Hannah Matthews’s her marriage is over, she has been excommunicated from the reclusive society in which she grew up, and she’s all on her own. Out on her own for the first time, with nothing but her only passion, photography, Hannah meets Zach Connors who she initially thinks he is just a client interested in her photography skills…but she soon realizes he is much more than that. When he hires her as his lead photographer neither of them are sure what to expect. Zach exemplifies personal fulfillment and is not afraid to express himself physically—two things Hannah has never been confronted with. Yet she can’t resist his hypnotic pull. Can this sheltered young woman navigate the dark fantasies this exciting man introduces her to? 


Annalise Carroll learned the hard way that the entanglements of a relationship can too easily sidetrack her career. She keeps herself coolly detached, never stepping outside her self-imposed boundaries. Never again will she allow a man to ruin her professional reputation. Her work is simply too important. 

But when she meets Xander Ward, a prominent pharmaceutical representative interested in her father’s company, Annalise finds herself helplessly distracted by his seductive good looks and irresistible charm. Her heart wants nothing more than to open to him—and so does her body. 

But will Annalise allow herself to let go and embrace the intimacy? Will Xander’s motives prove to be as sexual as Annalise suspects them to be? And is it possible that Xander is hiding something from Annalise? 


Alex Conrad knows that the girl across the hall looks familiar, but he just can't place her…until she shoots THAT smile at him. Lexie Gill, the nerdy, bespectacled girl from college whom Alex often fantasized about but never managed to make those dreams a reality. He had been pretty damned sure he'd be too much for her back then, and he's sure as hell he'd be too much for her now. But now with her messy blonde hair, short blue dress revealing legs he had never set eyes on before, and the strapless bodice showing off her incredible tan, he's tempted to try this time around to make his fantasies a reality. Part of him knows why he should stay away from her – his hidden desires may be too much for her to handle. But the yearning to teach her about his world is a challenge too mouthwatering to ignore. 


Stormy Angelus is running from her past. 

Leaving a career in L.A. behind to escape her abusive ex, she finds herself in the small and sleepy town of Cliffton, managing the local radio station. The small-town station is popular…but she’s still having trouble making ends meet. So when Stormy sees that a successful L.A. design firm, Vitaline Designs, is relocating to Cliffton, she sees an opportunity to finally secure advertising for the flailing radio station. When she shows up at the meeting, she’s stunned to realize that the representative is none other than James Rand—a man intimidating and also gorgeous as hell. Stormy feels her confidence falter. But it turns out that he not only wants her advertising, he wants Stormy as well. Both James and Stormy have secrets. Stormy is running away from her violent ex, but what is James hiding? And when Stormy discovers the secret lurking in James’s striking gray eyes, will she have the strength and courage to face it head on?

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

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