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Lustful Seductions: 25 Stories of Lesbian Erotica

There's something profoundly different about intimacy with a woman, and this collection explores that difference in a number of ways.  Whether it happens in the midst of a special encounter, and FFM threesome, or a group experience; the fantasy remains one of the most popular sexy dreams we have.  In this collection, twenty-five different scenarios are explored, and we can all identify with the heroines!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of lesbian sex and includes lesbian seduction, Lesbian Vampire sex, group sex, and more so only adults should read this collection.

1. Stacey’s Awakening: My First Lesbian Lover By Darlene Daniels

2. Michelle and Casey at the Pool: A Lesbian Sex Short By Lolita Davis

3. Mindy’s Mistress: A Very Rough First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story by Lolita Davis

4. Veronica Licks a Woman! A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story by Kathi Peters

5. Monica’s First Lesbian Experience: An Explicit Erotica Story By Kathi Peters 

6. Show Me How to Lick: A First Lesbian Sex Office Short by June Stevens

7. Making Mary Moan: A First Lesbian College Sex Story by June Stevens

8. Three Girls and Charlie: A First Lesbian Group Sex Short by June Stevens

9. My Night with Haley: A First Lesbian Sex Experience by June Stevens

10. Nikki and the Security Officer: Explicit Lesbian Erotica by Lisa Myers

11. Surprise Party: Rick’s wife likes girls too, SURPRISE! by Missy Allen

12. Whips and Chains: A Secret Desire for Lesbian Domination by Missy Allen

13. Karmen’s All Girl Orgy: A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story by Sara Scott

14. Lesbian Poker Night: A Reluctant First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story by Sara Scott

15. Yummy Yolanda: A First Lesbian Sex Experience by Amber Cross

16. The Muse: An Erotic Vampire Story by Alice J. Woods

17. Megan Moaning: Getting Naughty with the New Neighbor by Anna Price

18. Carla’s Predicament: Carla and the Couple by Anna Price

19. Sarah the Stripper: The Stripper’s Awakening by Anna Price

20. Shawna’s Revenge: A Lesbian Seduction Story By April Fisher

21. Rebecca’s Roommate: A Lesbian Erotica Story By April Fisher

22. Cheering Up: A FFM Threesome Story by Amber Cross

23. Taking Amanda with my Husband: An Erotic Threesome Short by Kathi Peters

24. Ashley Doesn't Wait: A FFM Threesome Erotica Story by Sara Scott

25. Stacie’s First Threesome: Hot Threesome Erotica by Lisa Myers

Lesbian Erotica, First Lesbian Sex, Lesbian Vampire sex, Lesbian Sex, Lesbian Seduction, Lesbian Stranger Sex

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December 31
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