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A very personal and private story about a disabled lady, named Julia Grove, who sued her doctor herself. She could not afford to pay the hourly rate for a
malpractice lawyer. The pursuit of justice led Julia Grove to sue her gynecologist.

The book gives insight on what barriers Julia Grove encountered and overcame in pursuit for the truth to be known. Court transcripts of the doctor being
cross-examined by his lawyer, by Julia Grove and finally the Trial Judge are included. The transcript show the doctor had no remorse for permanently
closeing the door for Julia Grove to ever be able to have children. Silent discrimination. The doctor has never apologized to Julia Grove. This book is
about a doctor who imposes his own beliefs on Julia Grove's body upon realizing the mis-diagnosis. No doctor has that right regardless if a person is
disabled or not. Arthritis is a common disease. Not grounds to use on a person to proceed to sterilize with a hysterectomy upon realizing there was a
misdiagnosis. Julia Grove wants to share her personal story. In hope that others find the strength to fight for their rights should they ever encounter the
type of medical care she received by the gynecologist who operated on her. There is an important form enlosed. The C.S.E.C.S.I. form. Stands for "commom
stated emergency contact source included". It's really important because there is no consent form signed by one at the doctor's office. A person signs a
blood tranfusion form or paperwork for the hospital where surgery will take place at their surgeon's office. Doctor's only have the privilege of doing
their practice at a hospital. Doctors are employees of their

own companies. This book brings insight into how the medical system works. Julia Grove is sharing her story. May others

learn and find strength from reading Julia Grove's book.

Young Adult
June 7

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