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Without doubt Metabolic Syndrome is a bad news for anyone any day! The reason is simple… it is a manifestation of a clogged metabolism which typifies a medical condition known as metabolic syndrome. 

Yes, the truth is that anytime a lot of fats are produced from excessive consumption of fructose, carbohydrates, sugar and high fatty food items, the accumulated fats is typically stored in parts of the body that cannot easily be easily accessed for proper metabolism.

Well, the truth again is that this is precarious situation is further aided by a sedentary lifestyle or lack of exercise and if you don’t mind, I will say, it’s also not having enough physical activities to help burn the fats!

Consequently, these fats accumulate in layers, which further obstruct normal blood flow to the part of the body where these fats are formed, making it difficult to burn the fats in those areas. 

Unfortunately, to make the matter worse, the reduced blood flow also gives rise to the accumulation of toxins, since the affected body parts or tissue will become incapable of transferring byproducts of its metabolism at the speed at which they are formed!

Now, to put it succinctly, in other words, metabolic syndrome is typically a collection of risk factors that predisposes people to stroke, diabetes and cardiac arrest or heart attacks.

There are five of these predisposing factors as listed below: 
•Surplus fat at waistline
•Excessive blood sugar
•High triglycerides
•Low HDL (the "good cholesterol" also known as high-density lipoprotein )
•Raised blood pressure: greater than 130/85

Any of these predisposing factors is linked with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

As a matter of fact, should any three or more of these risk factors exist, it can then be said that all the criteria for a person to be diagnosed with metabolic syndrome are already met.

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25 October

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