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Minimalism for Regular People

Are you tired of stuff owning your life? Do you feel your life is too cluttered to focus on the things which are important to you? Would you like to simplify your life without going crazy about it? Minimalism for Regular People: How to Simplify Your Life without Going Crazy about It was written for people who want to become minimalists, yet prefer to own more than 100 things or just one couch.

Minimalism Isn’t about Living Like a Monk

The book shares with you numerous examples on how to simplify and find balance in your life without following the dogmatic principles of extreme minimalism that are very difficult to apply for a regular person.

Here’s what you’ll learn from the book:
how to deal with digital clutter to bring your attention back to the present momenthow to escape the consumerist lifestylewhy minimalism is NOT a new fad and has been with the humanity for hundreds of yearshow to achieve moderation in minimalism (I won’t tell you that you have to live with 100 things)a simple process to de-clutter your home without going crazy about it (it’s simple and ensures you won’t regret getting rid of your possessions)why acceptance is a necessary step toward a happier and simpler lifewhy multi-tasking will clutter your life (and what to do about it)5 currencies of minimalists (and none of them have anything to do with dollars, pounds, euros or yens)your greatest and least appreciated currency (all minimalists place this currency at the top of their pyramid of importance)13 ways to adopt the minimalist mindsetwhy buying more stuff will never lead to the true joy (and how to achieve it)the difference between simplification and impoverishment (most proponents of minimalism give advice that leads to impoverishment)how to deal with toxic relationships in your life (you don’t have to cut ties with all negative people in your life)how to clear your daily schedule and restore balance in your daily life
Do You Want to Live with Just 100 Things?

Who wants to live with just 100 things? Do you want to live with only the bare necessities and cuss every time you realize you only have two plates and three forks?

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and Minimalism for Regular People will teach you how to do it without unnecessary clutter (and zero extreme minimalism dogma).

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April 24
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