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There is a murderer on the loose and the min of The Gutlands are starting to panic. But what’s s got them even more nervous is the distinct possibility that there could be a severe shortage of turkey sandwiches this Christmas, and to some members of the Kushnick Tribe, there is a certain sense of déjà vu to it all.
To add to the confusion, Filbert Monkston and Gordon Quigg have gone missing and the leader of the Kushnick Tribe, Baron Floppy, has gone out to look for them. They were last seen on Tuesday night fleeing from a post quiz bar brawl at The Clay Bottle with two complete strangers giving everybody the general impression that they were up to no good. And seeing as strangers are rarely seen around these parts, that’s probably a fair assumption.
Yet, things inside The Will are evolving and with the formulation of new ideas, life for the min could be changing forever. Could the Gutlanders have the birth of a whole new industry on their doorstep? An industry where someone could make an awful lot of money. And when certain folk get a sniff of money, there is always somebody who ends up paying the price.
With time ticking on, Albert Monkston, accompanied by a seven foot tall sword wielding guardswomin, is out franticly looking for his son. Whilst at the same time, Filbert is searching deep within and desperately trying to find himself.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 13
Mirador Publishing

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