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When I went to a lesbian bar with my best friend, I expected to come out as straight as I was before... But I guess I didn't.

"I can tell," Valerie replies quickly with a knowing smirk that leads me to think she's not only talking about the drink. "I'd be happy to introduce you to a lot of new things tonight if you'll let me."
The implication makes me tremble, my skin flushing with heat. I had never felt this way around another woman before. I know when a woman is attractive, but this was something altogether different. I feel enticed by this woman's curvy figure, her angelic face, and the confidence she exudes from every pore. I've never wanted someone as much as I want Valerie right now - not even a man.

Eve: My best friend just broke up with her girlfriend, so I went to a lesbian bar with her to cheer her up. Which was all fun and games, until the most attractive girl I've ever seen just sat down with me. This night certainly did not go as planned - but who am I to say no to fate? The way she touches me drives me crazy, waves of tingles run through my body as her fingers move across my naked skin, and her desireful gaze melts me like chocolate. You'll want to be alone when you read what's about to happen ;)

Fiction & Literature
25 August
Emily Fawn

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