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Apocalypse-definition: the complete final destruction of the world, especially as described from the Book of Revelation in The Bible; an event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic level.

Eighteen bestselling and award-winning authors have contributed their visions of the apocalypse.

Classic sci-fi writer William F. Nolan adds to his canon with a tale from his futuristic Logan’s Run series.
Creator of the popular Repairman Jack series, F. Paul Wilson presents his vision of a world where vampires have become the ruling race.
Bestselling author Heather Graham serves up her apocalyptic nightmare.
Horror master Tim Waggoner terrifies with a tale of the World After.
Master writer, screenwriter, and creator of classic video games Matthew Costello offers up a post-apocalyptic tale of terror, cannibalism, and a vacation gone so wrong.

Icon of classic science fiction and fantasy, Ron Goulart, spins a tale of futuristic famine and desperation.
Also new stories from the new breed of award-winning authors including: Jason V Brock, Lisa Mannetti, Patrick Freivald, Lee Lawless, Tori Eldridge, and Brendan Deneen.

Is this the end of times?

You decide.

Authored by William F. Nolan, Authored by Matthew Costello, Authored by F. Paul Wilson, Authored by Heather Graham, Authored by Tim Waggoner, Authored by Thomas F. Monteleone, Authored by Brendan Deneen, Authored by Jason V Brock, Authored by Patrick Freivald, Authored by Lisa Mannetti, Authored by Lee Lawless, Authored by Tori Eldridge, Authored by Mathew Kaufman, Authored byJeff DePew, Authored by Lance Taubold, Authored by Ed DeAngelis, Authored by Crystal Perkins, Authored by Ron Goulart.

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April 25
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