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This titillating bundle is sure to make you feel naughty right along with the characters in the 4 included stories.  Read along as formerly nice girls find out just how good it feels to be bad.  The 14,300 word bundle includes: Deep South Slut, Original Sin, Banging the Babysitter and Hard for Teacher.

Deep South Slut:  Natalie has been sheltered her entire life.  While all of her friends went off and learned about sex, she was kept at home with her mom.  After finishing her first year of college, she is called in to meet with her mother’s Reverend.  What she doesn’t know is that the Revered intends to show her what being naughty is all about.

Unfortunately, Natalie is exposed to more than just the Revered and she is shipped off to stay with an aunt in Alabama.  Her new urges, however, cannot be tamed by the new surroundings.  Within an hour of being there, she has a sexy encounter with a farm hand.

This hot story follows Natalie as she goes from innocent to dirty in no time flat.  This story has adult content, including: m/f sex, fingering, and masturbation.

Original Sin:  When Maria is chased away from her life of sex and depravity, she finds herself a nun, locked away from the world.  Though it has been years since she lived her old life, Maria’s thoughts frequently turn back to her former ways and the naughty things that she loved to do.

One morning, her thoughts become too much for her to handle.  She finally decides to give herself some release.  Unfortunately for her, she gets caught in the act and is in for some punishment from Father Paul.  What does he have in store for her?  Will he make her repent her filthy ways?

This story contains f/f sex with a strap-on, masturbation, spanking, M/f sex, mild domination and lots of adult content.

Banging the Babysitter:

Adam’s babysitter, Amber, had been working for him and his wife for years.  But more recently, the young girl that he once knew had grown into one hell of a sexy woman.  His eyes had been on her for some time.  Now that she was of age and about to head off to college, Adam knew that he didn’t have many more chances to see her.

When Adam decides to set up a nanny-cam in the living room, he ends up catching more on film than he had ever hoped when Amber decides to pleasure herself on the couch in his absence.  Adam finds the footage and sees it while Amber is asleep and he can’t contain his urges any longer.

What does he do with the feelings taking over his body?  Can he contain himself around the sleeping and helpless Amber?  Does she really want him, too?

This story contains adult content, including: m/f sex, masturbation, and oral sex.

Hard for Teacher:

With the school year now over, teacher Emma is ready for the summer ahead.  Unfortunately, one of her students had other plans in mind.  Josh is older than all of the other kids, having turned 19 already after being held back a year.

Once school is over, Josh does his best to seduce his former teacher, making her want him with every inch of her body.  Will he succeed?  What does this young stud have in store for his hot teacher?  Read along as he finds ways to work her body and make her beg for more.

This 3,600 word story includes adult content, including: m/f sex, masturbation with a vibrator, oral sex, and a**l play.

Fiction & Literature
12 January
Cara Layton

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