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James loves his wife more than anything in the world. He treats her right, tells her that she is beautiful, and, most important, he satisfies her in the bedroom. When a bit of innocent pillow talk leads her to confess that she fantasizes about seeing him perform oral sex on another man, James must evaluate his love for her on a whole new level. This level is taken to a place that he never imagined when he loses a sexual bet with her. The stakes, of course, are that he has to fulfill her fantasy by getting down on his knees. Will James be able to perform and make his wife happy, while preserving his dignity? Find out in this tale of kinky secrets, first-time gay experiences, and a man who will do whatever it takes to make his wife happy.

This 5100 word work of erotic fiction features scenes of: oral sex (male-on-female, as well as female-on-male), straight sex with prostate stimulation (milking), come play, sexual competition, female masturbation, and a reluctant MM oral encounter with dominant and submissive elements. It is intended for mature audiences only.


“Listen,” her voice became a breathy whisper, “I’ve actually been thinking a lot about that scenario. I don’t expect you to understand it, but it’s an incredible turn on for me. I want you to…think…about doing it. And,” she started to blush, “I wanna watch!”

I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t believe that this was my wife, standing here before me, and that I had just heard that request come from her mouth. I stood up and put my hands on her shoulders. Then I undid her robe and yanked her boy shorts down. It sounds crazy in retrospect, but I really thought I might be able to **** some sense into her.

I lifted her up and placed her bare *** on the kitchen table. I ran my fingers up and down her ****, trying to get her warmed up. She was already dripping wet. I guess, looking back, I should have believed her when she said that watching me **** a guy off was a huge turn on! I placed the head of my **** against her proud, pouty little ***** lips and pushed until she enveloped me.

She let out a soft moan as she drew me closer. I leaned over her and nibbled her neck until she was running her fingernails up and down my back. I thrust into her with all my might. She wrapped her legs around me and squeezed rhythmically, guiding me as I continued to **** her.

Fiction & Literature
5 May
Regina Alyx

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