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Episode 1: The Alligator Menace
Trent Stone and Tess Carter are in Star City to participate as junior members in the League of Adventure Seekers annual dinner. However, when the dinner — and a number of other key events throughout the city — is broken up by a horde of remotely controlled albino sewer alligators, Trent and Tess are launched into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with an insane genius bent on controlling the city’s underworld. In order to overcome this villain our heroes must navigate a dangerous world of organized crime bosses, gang war, exploding alligators, and weird science. Can they locate the villain before his plans reach their fruition? Tune in to “The Alligator Menace” and experience this exciting adventure for yourself.
Episode 2: The Cult of the Teeth
Glory-hound and expert hunter, Maynard Havelock III, is the victim of a ritual murder shortly after having dinner with Trent Stone and Tess Carter. Finding themselves at the top of the suspect list, Trent and Tess are forced to investigate the disappearance of a number of young women from Star City University in a bid to clear their names. Their investigation takes them in search of an ancient cult (recently established in the modern city in which they have made their home), a missing obelisk, and behind it all, a familiar wheel-chaired villain. Can they prove their innocence and prevent the cult from committing any more ritual murders? Tune in to “The Cult of the Teeth” and hear this story unfold for yourself.
Episode 3: The City of the Gold Spider
Star City’s gangsters attempt to assassinate Trent Stone and Tess Carter from the rooftops outside an abandoned movie theater. When a young South American man succeeds in scaring the villains away only to be killed by a remotely controlled spider, the pair decides to honor his last request and go to South America to rescue his brother. Hounded by corrupt police, eerily intelligent howler monkeys, and Aztec mummies, Tess and Trent are forced to fight a combination of science and magic in order to effect a rescue. But can they survive long enough to make good on their promise? Tune in to “The City of the Gold Spider” and thrill to the unfolding of this exciting South American adventure.
Episode 4: The Reanimator's Revenge
When visiting the Star City Penitentiary Trent Stone and Tess Carter encounter an old gypsy woman who warns them that the city is facing imminent destruction. An investigation of her claims leads the pair to the City Cemetery where they are attacked by shambling, reanimated corpses bent on tearing the city apart. Before long, large sections of the population are succumbing to a mysterious sleeping sickness, martial law has been declared, and the dead are tearing the city apart building by building. Trent and Tess must race against time to introduce an antidote into the city’s water supply and face down the villain before the city is completely destroyed. Will they be able to uncover the secret behind the undead plague and bring it to an end? Tune in to “The Reanimator’s Revenge” and cheer as the conflict between Trent, Tess, and their arch-nemesis reaches its thrilling conclusion.

Fiction & Literature
March 10
Philip Craig Robotham

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