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Early Twenty-First Century Shanghai China all the world is watching, as fate would have it some things are as they were in the late 1800s, , but with a modern twist. US Marshals, International Business Deals, a staging for the Coming New World Order in one of the Orients Busiest Sea Ports, , , add in time to enjoy a fine Shanghai-nighters hot spot Lisa Sannder a young 20-something cocky attorney from the Mid-West USA, is on the ride of her life, complete with a college dont wanna grow-up life style, , , 'cept for now shes making Big-Bucks, laying her life on the line Enter best friend Susan Wilamsen, , , on an unplanned venture with Lisa into the unknown on the far side of our planet Susan a green corporate attorney haven one goal in mind; live the life of excitement with travel being her drive, , , but all is pushed to the limit when a new opportunity emerges from Lisas hire Nothing is as it seems and all involved including you the reader are drawn into this off-the-wall creation where your senses are kinda assaulted by a quirky cast of world travelers, , , as well as local inhabitants. Lisa and Susan grew-up as kids in Wisconsin with a grade school pact decide'n to make an adventurous life style their goal, , , now the rest is as they say H I S T O R Y . . . So come along let a whim' be your guide and maybe, just maybe, you might enjoy a little entertainment, , , learn a tad about the Chinese and maybe even pick up on a wee bit of French. . . Or Latin No Time To Loose'' Ah Yes and Good Ole Rock n'' Roll

Crime & Thrillers
September 2