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Rachel Pugsley finishes high school with no plans for the summer. That is, until her mom sets her up with a job in another state: Babysit two kids of her mom's old high school friend. Not the ideal job for a high school outcast. Before she knows it, she's stuck in a house the size of a castle with two rich kids who hate her. Then, just when she feels she might survive it all, a wizard from another world kidnaps the kids and takes Rachel with her. This wasn't covered in her babysitting training. With a cute neighbor, a group of misfit kids, and strangers from a strange village, Rachel must defeat the wizard, rescue her kids, find a way back home, and prevent the destruction of two very different worlds. All before the parents return. Wizards, traitors, and thieves abound and Rachel can only trust her babysitting skills to survive. Can she do it? Rachel is the first to doubt. After all, she never really had a friend before, and all her only previous adventures came from books. Overweight, ignored most of her life, and full of uncertainty, Rachel will have to overcome a lot make a difference. But if she fails...lives will be lost. Babysitting has never been so difficult, or so epic. When evil threatens, there's only one who can save the day. It's not a bird, not a plane, and definitely not a super man. It's a babysitter and she's perfectly not ready.

Fiction & Literature
June 22
Gregory Saur

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