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A beloved Pope has been kidnapped.  His ransom:  the President of the United States.  The world watches as Cadyn Tunn, the crucified Vicar of Christ, is paraded across the world stage by Islamist captors via Internet streaming video, setting in motion a series of earth-shattering events designed to force President Bryce McIntyre to make the ultimate decision – her life for that of the Pope's. 

The Vatican is shaken to the core.  Disgraced Swiss Guard Captain Rodolphe Giger seeks to redeem his shattered reputation, and save his Pontiff, before it is too late, while malevolent Prince of the Church Lucano Cardinal Oddi prepares to commit the most mortal of sins.  A continent away, a psychological duel to the death ensues between terrorist cell doyen Fatimah Saad and the tormented Tunn, himself a one-time Australian special ops agent.  In Washington, D.C., Star News Network producer Madelyn Cacy receives a series of startling emails F.Y.E.O. – "For Your Eyes Only," casting her into the center of the maelstrom, like it or not.  Meanwhile, Fatimah's mysterious inamorato holds a secret that will bring an unsuspecting shell-shocked audience the world over to its knees. 

For the Vatican, the only end-game is to bring the Pope back alive.  Or is it?  In the windswept Sahara, Fatimah knows only life and death, and one matters not more than the other, as the Pontiff simultaneously holds her spellbound while stoking her rage.  Secluded in Washington, the President has a chance – a final one – to right a lifetime of wrongs.

Each will be thrust into a cauldron that will test the very fiber of their souls.  From a subterranean shelter beneath the White House to a holding cell in the shadows of Saint Peter's Basilica, from the bedroom of a Cairo hotel to a lonely bunker in the vast wasteland of the Sahara, decisions large and small will determine if the keys of heaven can be protected from the powers of hell.

In Washington, D.C. and the Vatican, the clock is ticking.

Fiction & Literature
August 9
P. E. Tedesco

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