Pilates: Using Small Props for Big Results

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Publisher Description

Pilates: Using Small Props for Big Results provides a new Pilates props style. As a certified athletic trainer and physical therapist, Chrissy provides something for everyone with this book. The Pilates exercises described are appropriate for all practice settings or clientele. The props provide variety, while appropriate challenges and modifications are also presented. 

The easy-to-follow instructions and photographs make this book an excellent reference.  The exercises use small props to enhance and encourage proper movement, connecting the mind and the body. Creating muscle balance through proper movement patterns will make and keep anyone well, whether they are a high-level athlete or recovering from an injury. This book will explore the use of the ring, the spine corrector, the baby arc, and the foam roller as teaching tools in the study of movement.

These tools will be used in the following three ways:

To motivate and challenge the client. When participants master a movement, they may become complacent and bored. Props such as the foam roller and the ring can make exercises more challenging and change their effect to hold the interest of the client.
To reinforce and support the client. When participants are just beginning the mat work, they often need support to prevent injury to their spine or added reinforcement to maintain the proper alignment for safety.
To inform the client. Participants often need direction or an impetus for proper movement. A prop such as the ring or the foam roller can assist with movement when a cue to move or compress the prop is provided by the instructor. This effect works much like a visual cue, but also provides a proprioceptive effect.

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23 August
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