Pools of Light

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A collection of poems, short stories, photography, audio recordings and video slideshows by Irish poet Kevin Connelly. This enhanced eBook features recordings of the poet reading each of the poems aloud - just press the play button to listen!

“Connelly’s book is a nostalgic journey like beads on a string, a loop of memory and character hand stitched into the fabric of a reeking sheepskin, as a life unfolds - albeit with accompanying heartbreak and lost moments,but ultimately redemptive and hopeful - the imagery evocative, from Galway to Glasgow, conjuring characters from the grey streets and lanes, and in the verses which vary from comedic to social commentary, are the thoughts and dreams of Everyman. It's title mentions light and indeed the book begins with it, but this is a book of contrasts, of shade and shape and dark matter but appropriately ends with light, as we are creatures of it, and consist entirely of it.” — Michelle Dooley-Mahon (Ireland)

“In the title poem of Pools of Light the poet creates a nostalgic image of a time gone by with love and skill but also proposes a scientific hypothesis that time and light are not constants but two variables that impact upon an event. This volume is a finely crafted lens, a lifetime’s work by the greatest optician. In its construction the poet has given unconditionally of every grain of his experience and ground them like aberrations into the glass. We then are presented with an aspheric lens, a parabola, through which we are offered perceptions of incidents in the history and even pre-history of western civilisation. Connelly has become the eye of the seagull, he’s “come, to know the sum of past and present and yet to come.” — Dominic Williams (Wales)

“Kevin Connelly’s poetic generosity touches both nature and human nature in this collection of wit and wonderful observation – spiced by delightful photographs.” — Tony Kendrew (California)

Fiction & Literature
4 May
Western Shore Media & Hook Publishing

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