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Do You Know Why the News Always Hook Us? Becuase They Are Negative. Read On...

Success is attracted, not forced. Success is looking for a good place to stay. What does it boils down to? It's all in the power of your positive thinking. By having positive thoughts, you are sending a message to the universe that "Hey! Give Me More, I Can Handle It!". That message can also be negative, which will return to you later like a boomerang. The power of positive thinking is endless, and it's tightly linked to the power of attraction.

The benefits of positive thinking could be also felt physically. Stress could be reduced, depression could be prevented, the risk of having heart diseases diminishes, and even a simple cold can't resist it. With the book "The Power of Positive Thinking" you will learn how to change your mindset in order to attract happiness, positive energy, abundance, and wealth.

"People Who Accomplish Great Things Are Aware of the Negative. However, They Give All Their Mental Energy to the Positive" – Bob Proctor

Think about it for a while: When you are ill and think that you won't get better, your illness will surely get worse. But if you think you will be better, your condition will improve. This is not some kind of hocus pocus magic. There was an experiment done which gave 3 groups of patients. 1 with real pills, 1 with pills without any medicine (fake pill basically) and 1 without any medicine. The improvement of people who are the real pills are almost identical to those who are the "fake pill"!

What message are you sending out to the universe? If you doubt yourself, if you think negative, if you let your fears win, you will never be successful. Positive thinking has an immense power, and you can train your mind to think in a new, fresh and beneficial way. Believe in yourself, and tell your wish to the universe. You shall have the key to your happiness.

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