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Lorna Byrne has helped millions of people around the world by calling on them to realise that they each have a guardian angel and by showing them that can ask for help from God and the angels.

Lorna is often asked for help on how to ask and how to pray, so in this new book she gives detailed advice and also includes prayers for different occasions.

She says: 'Sometimes our prayers are so focussed on asking for things, we forget to listen out for what God, the angels and our love ones are trying to tell us. God always has this abundance of blessings prepared for us, small blessings and great blessings. He wants to give every individual great life-changing blessings, beginning when that individual is born. God will do everything to make it happen, but He will never infringe on an individual's free will, which a good reason for us to engage intelligent conversation with him - listening as well as asking - in prayer.'

Religion & Spirituality
May 31
Hodder & Stoughton

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SuziButton ,

Remembering the beauty of prayer.

This book opened my eyes to the power and beauty of prayer even though I am not practicing a religion. There are simple but deeply moving prayers on each page and Lorna’s provides so much information on so many topics in a persons life. It is a beautiful book that could be picked up again and again if you need inspiration and encouragement in your life.

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