Principles of Bone Biology (Enhanced Edition‪)‬

John P. Bilezikian and Others
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Preface from the first edition (1996): "The world of modern science is undergoing a number of spectacular events that are redefining our understanding of ourselves. As with any revolution, we should take stock of where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. Our special world of bone biology is participating in and taking advantage of the larger global revolution in modern science… we assembled experts from all over the world and asked them to focus on the current state of knowledge and the prospects for new knowledge in their area of expertise. To this end, Principles of Bone Biology was conceived." - John P. Bilezikian, Lawrence G. Raisz, Gideon A. Rodan

Praise for the previous edition: "Students, teachers, and practitioners will benefit from reading it, and investigators will use it as a reference work; it will certainly be consulted frequently." --The New England Journal of Medicine

For over two decades, "Big Gray" has been the go-to repository of knowledge in the disciplines related to bone and mineral metabolism. The fourth edition is a must-have for students new to the field; young investigators at the graduate or postgraduate level beginning their research careers; established scientists who need to keep up with the changing nature of the field, looking to enrich their own research programs, or who are changing their career direction; clinicians who want ready access to up-to-date relevant basic science.

This new edition builds on the successful formula from previous editions, taking the reader from the basic elements of fundamental research to the most sophisticated concepts in therapeutics. Principles of Bone Biology, Fourth Edition provides the most comprehensive, authoritative reference on the study of bone biology and related diseases. Bone research continues to generate enormous attention, due to the broad public health implications of osteoporosis and related bone disorders. This classic, fully updated, two volume reference is designed for anyone involved in the study of bone biology.
Provides a "one-stop" shopping paradise. Anything you want to find about bone biology is here and written by the world’s experts THE essential resource for anyone involved in the study of the skeleton and metabolic bone diseases Covers everything from the basic scientific concepts to the underlying principles of therapeutics and management Allows readers to easily search and locate information quickly in the online format Volumes include: Basic Principles; Molecular Mechanisms of Metabolic Bone Disease; Pharmacological Mechanisms of Therapeutics; Methods in Bone Research

Science & Nature
22 August
Elsevier Science

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