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Rohort Went to France. Rohort's a fallen star. A successful crime writer. He attempts to solve a simple crime, he fails. It's obvious he knows nothing about criminals. Travel will become his theme, crime is abandoned. He goes to France in search of inspiration.
A snowstorm in Featherston is the last readable whodunnit by the novelist Rohort.
He pillories the police Two fans go to Featherston to unearth the truth. He's been swapped in love for a policeman. He's attempted to solve some simple crimes, he can't. He's been outwitted by a homeless man living in a drain. His confidence is shaken, his writing skills desert him. The night in the Cemetery is a tale of homelessness, there's too much liquor at a funeral, there's a wager, do ghosts exists? A night spent in the cemetery will confirm. Some homeless men are sheltering in the cemetery, the ghost spotteres meet them. Lottery Town. There's disenchantment with the behaviour of lottery winners. The evaporation of the winnings. There's widespread disillusionment. Lottery Town will be built, there the winners will live, their money will be managed .
The search for the Father. There's a group of Swingers. A daughter is born, she's an infant star, there's money in abundance. But who is the Father? There's envy. "What did he do to deserve it? He had to get someone else to do it with his wife. "Was one sour comment. Teront. Is a tale of obsessive behaviour, the location bed. There's a description of an erotic act in a public toilet. The narrator recognises the hand's Teront's. Teront's a lady killer, many is the number. Then there's tragedy, a road accident, a much loved uncle suffers loss. It's traumatic and has reach, Teront's affected, the count becomes one lady. Hombo was inspired by a visit to the memorial in Caen Normandy. It reminded of the Nazis theories of eugenics. In the new world order the possibility of unsatisfactory children is eliminated until Hombo messes it up. MS found sculling in the rubbish is an account of three unrelated deaths in a boarding house. No homicide, two were natural causes, one probably suicide,. There was a quirk in all three. Justice. Extravagant promises in an election have won power. Clayton, the central character sees a future dimmed by debt. He shoots the leader. At his trial flaws in the democratic process are exposed.


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April 23
Robin Young

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