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Books four through six in the Ruby Dove Mystery Series: The Mystery of Ruby’s Stiletto, The Mystery of Ruby’s Tracks, and The Mystery of Ruby’s Mistletoe. 

Enjoy golden-age cozies with a twist? Then you’ll love Rose Donovan’s fashion-spy-amateur sleuth heroes, Ruby Dove and Fina Aubrey-Havelock.

What readers are saying:

"The plot grabbed my attention right at the beginning and held it right to the end."

"This series is like watching a 1930's mystery/comedy with the tongue in cheek comments and antics of the characters that just make you laugh out loud."

"Great series and great writing!"

"'Clue" has always been my favorite board game, and going on a murder mystery cruise is on my bucket list, so I was beyond thrilled at the opportunity to read this book, and I wasn't let down."

"The plot had a lot of twists and turns that are necessary for a good mystery."

"Vivid descriptions of locations and events make you feel as if you are part of the story. Strong women characters, political intrigue, and a murder mystery that keeps you guessing as to who the murderer is and the motive behind the murders."

"If you love this genre this is a must read."

Book 1: The Mystery of Ruby’s Stiletto

An invitation to an island off the coast of Italy. What could be more relaxing? 

Nothing. Until a murderer strikes.

Autumn in Sardinia, 1935.

Ruby and Fina find themselves in a world of glamour once again, this time on a private island owned by a famous Italian shoe designer. 

A riotous guest list of artists, flowing wine, passion and political intrigue guarantee a thrilling time for all. 

But it could be a little too thrilling unless Ruby and Fina find the murderer. 


Book 2: The Mystery of Ruby’s Tracks

Ready for a snowy ride aboard the Train Blanc? 

Murder and mayhem await.

November, 1935.

With its velvet sofas and bone china teacups, the Train Blanc is a haven of 1930s luxury. But for Ruby and Fina, the trip holds some shocking surprises – not least that one of their fellow passengers is a murderer …

As the famous train steams through the cold Alpine night, the detective pair must work out which of the travellers is not what they seem. Could it be the friendly Swiss priest? The glamorous erotica author? The ‘artistic’ dilettante? Or even the grandmother with the hideous knitting?

Ruby and Fina are at the top of their game in this witty, sophisticated tale, which weaves together politics, fashion, intrigue and romance in a mystery with more twists and turns than a train track through the Alps.

Book 3: The Mystery of Ruby’s Mistletoe

Snowbound at Christmas. 

Very cosy. 

Until a murderer and a thief appear.

December, 1935.

Ruby and Fina are anticipating a quiet Christmas. But the snowy peace of Quenby College is shattered when the police come looking for Ruby. She and Fina escape to a relative’s plush country home — only to find that Aunt Millie has a few surprises in store …

As the mercury drops, Ruby and Fina are drawn into a web of false identities and half-truths. Why did someone spike the cocktails during the after-dinner jazz? Who stole Aunt Millie’s priceless hatpin collection? Could it be a coincidence that all the house guests were also present on the day when Fina’s father was murdered?

With the police on their tail, and a killer on the loose, the two dressmaking sleuths have to use all their considerable wits to solve Fina’s family tragedy – and bring a little joy back to Christmas.

Crime & Thrillers
March 26
Moon Snail Press

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