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Every year, a select group of men at a large corporation celebrate the beginning of the fiscal year—and the budget cuts that go with it—by seducing the temps they have lusted after all year long, and then letting them know that they won’t have their jobs tomorrow. This year, Scott Williams has broadened the perverse competition, including men brought into his workplace through two corporate mergers who have only heard about “The Screwing of the Temps” as a legend. To spice things up, Scott has even assigned two men to double-team one woman. But what Scott doesn’t know is that this woman is someone he should not have messed with. She has her own ideas about how to exact revenge on her coworkers, and she is extremely creative when it comes to beating Scott at his own game with her own kinky competition.

This 15,000 word work of erotic fiction features scenes of MF straight sex, MF oral sex, and MF a**l sex, as well as reluctant MM a**l sex, humiliation, and sexual degradation. It is intended for mature audiences only.


Max wrapped his big, strong hands around the flesh of her hips and lifted Amanda from the counter. In one quick motion, he flipped her in his arms, until she was splayed out across the counter with her rear end up in the air. She couldn’t help but let out a girlish giggle at the ease with which he was manhandling her. She thought about how much she wanted to be taken, to submit to his desires.

Max used one of his large hands to spread Amanda’s *** open, while the other reached into the canister of lard so that he could lubricate her tiny rear passage. He slathered copious amounts of the grease along both the cleft in her *** and across her cheeks, until her entire bottom glistened in the dull glow of the break room lights.

Amanda placed her cheek against the countertop and looked behind her, gazing at the beefy man who was about to violate her. She watched with anticipation as he slathered lard all over his ****. When it was practically dripping with the lubricant, she felt his hand slide across her ass cheek once more, applying pressure so that she would be exposed and vulnerable to his indecent probing.

She asked herself if she was ready to have her *** ****ed. She reached back with a single finger and rubbed the tight ring of her ****, testing the sensation, trying it on for size. She felt a slight pressure that was so pleasant, it was a little disarming. She breached the hole in her behind, and felt a momentary burst of delight, followed by a wince-inducing pain. She looked back once more to see that Max was much bigger than the digit she had just ****ed herself with. She closed her eyes, and prepared herself to taste whatever it is she would feel next, even if it was pain.

Fiction & Literature
31 May
Regina Alyx

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