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Seducing the Ultimate Shifter is a prequel to the events of the other books of my Highland Shifters Paranormal Romance Series. It provides the back story of the Irish Pooka--Maeve/Rory--the Ultimate Shifter who can take any shape. It tells the tale of how the Pooka first meets her on and off again partner, Fiona the Leprechaun. The Pooka shows off his/her skills as a wisecracking master jewel thief.

Officially the Series begins with McKay's Werewolf Ways, introducing the young Scottish-American to the Supernatural Community by becoming involved with Mahihkan, a Canadian Werewolf. The following title, Roots & Fangs, takes place immediately after, as McKay traces the footsteps his beloved grandfather took from Scotland to Seattle. In the Highlands he repeats the history of Logan McKay and takes a Scottish Fae Lover of his own. The Fae has just ended his relationship with Rory/Mave, the Irish Pooka. Both McKay and Maeve end up possessed by the spirits of dead Fae in a way that will change McKay's life forever.

The third in the Series is McKay's Serial Killer Shifter. After being possessed by the spirit of the Fae called "The Master of Storms and Lightning," McKay is now accidentally blowing holes in the Fae Castle whenever he's angry--or aroused. In an attempt to control his new ability, McKay turns to his past--to Maeve and Mahihkan. They gather in Seattle where Maeve brings Fiona and Mahihkan introduces his new partner, one of the most powerful witches of North America. They discover the rogue Alpha Werewolf of McKay's Werewolf Ways is on a killing spree and his primary targets are Mahihkan--and McKay. All three romantic couples must turn to the one they love most to survive.

Seducing The Ultimate Shifter Excerpt:

I shifted into Maeve and took a quick shower, then dressed in a blue that made the color of my eyes pop. I ran my sharp fingers through my damp long raven colored locks and absorbed the water into my body. Who needs a towel? Then I frowned.  I replaced the blue with a Kelly green and added emerald earrings and a matching necklace. I had made a reservation on-line at the Croke Hotel as close as I could get to my mark's room. I'd soon have my hands on his emeralds. 

I already had a suitcase packed with a variety of Rory and Maeve options and added some male accessories in case Rory needed some bling enhancement. It was always at this moment I wished clothes would shift with me, but that wasn’t the way my own magic worked. Other Fae could use glamour and create the appearance of whatever clothes or jewels they wanted, but the illusion would only last until the first light of dawn. Stupid Fae. No Cinderella Midnight Moments for the likes of me. I earned my things the old fashioned way. I stole them.

The Hotel bar was well lit, which I felt was a foolish thing for a bar to be. Ah—modern times. I sat down and ordered. A petite redhead walked by and smiled. I smiled back without any encouragement.  I was on the job and wanted no distractions from a pretty piece of fluff like this one.  But as she walked by I picked up her scent. Fae. I wasn’t sure of the flavor, but she could be nothing else. Standard Fae don’t recognize me or each other. But I could pick out the smell of a Fae just as I could a werewolf. Was this just a coincidence or did she have light fingers around emeralds as well?

Fiction & Literature
May 21
Skye Eagleday

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