Seven Sisters

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Laura was a child bride. Her father, Herbert was a Pentecost Oneness Evangelist, a Charlatan that never wanted girls. In his twisted mind all females born are whores. Laura worshiped her dad, but he was the first man to abuse and beat her. He even forced Laura's mom to beat her and her eleven siblings. Five boys and six girls, seven girls counting Laura. Laura was the oldest of the seven girls then Evelyn, Darlene, Carolyn, Harley, Valerie, & Carrieann. Life was violent in their immediate family and as they were growing up the girls developed violent, deadly personalities. Two older brothers, Jr. & Johnny raped the girls daily. Many times Laura watched the boys beating and raping her sisters and many times the boys beat and raped Laura. Jr., Johnny and their own dad Herbert were always robbing and pulling guns on each other. Herbert put most of the kids in prisons, halfway houses, married them off, and some of them ran away. He sent Laura's six sisters Evelyn, Darlene, Carolyn, Harley, Valerie, and Carrieann somewhere, but no one knows where. When she was ten Herbert, being an Evangelist, held a double barrel shot gun on a man and Laura.

He married her off to an abusive man, Bobby. Herbert made them live together in the funeral parlor where Bobby and his best friend Rick lived. Laura was supposed to marry Rick and was engaged to him for a awhile, but Laura loved Bobby. Bobby and Rick were beating and raping Laura, forcing her to suck their dicks in the funeral parlor. He let his friends beat on her, pour everything in the refrigerator on top of her, painted her body, and made her walk the beaches naked. He instigated his friends to throw watermelon rinds at her to bruise her body and they all tried to drown her in the ocean. Bobby was always fucking his cousin, he didn't want Laura. She asked him for one piece of sausage and he said; "Damn, I have to feed you too?" Bobby and his friends took Laura down town, tied her to a light post and left her. An officer took her back to Bobby, but she wouldn't even go inside the funeral parlor. She sat on the porch looking in the windows watching them all having sex, drinking and doing drugs.

She spent many years hitch-hiking on highways to get away from them. She was getting beat and raped with guns and knives, forced to let them stick their dicks in her coochie and suck their dicks while hitch-hiking on the highways. Most of these men never lived to remember what they did or go home to their families or get on with their lives and get a wife and family or pretend in court they didn't do anything and usually get away with it. Unfortunately for them, Laura had a nasty habit of cutting off cocks and slicing throats.

Fiction & Literature
24 February

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