Shifters Elite The Box Set: Books 1-6

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Dire wolf shifters and their mates heat up the pages in these sweltering romances.


A former Special Forces wolf shifter.
Roan takes assignments. Hey, former Special Ops guys have to pay bills, too. Except their targets shouldn't look like she does, should they?
A desperate hottie on the run.
Hope had the best of lives. Haute couture, mansions, the coolest parties. That went to hell in a handbasket when she witnessed a murder.

Now she's on the run, and the guy that's hunting her is out of control sexy. Hopefully, he's changing sides. Sooner, rather than later.


A former Special Forces wolf shifter.
Slate and his brother and cousins take assignments. Who'd have thought he'd have to save Snow White?
A desperate hottie in hiding.
Maggie lived a semi-fairy tale life as Snow White in Disney World. An attack just turned her life into a nightmare.
What about the sexy hunk that's just shown up?
A former Special Forces wolf shifter.

Carter's assignment to keep a journalist safe is job one. Finding out she's the one for him, that complicates matters.

A sexy hottie with her own skeletons.

Alice isn't your average girl. And learning that the story she's been covering involves people who shift into animals, well, that could be the story of a lifetime. Or one that puts her life in danger.

Now the one that's here to protect her becomes so much more than a protector. And the shifters are so much more than she'd ever thought.

A former Special Forces wolf shifter.

Drew's got an assignment—true. But he's also got it bad for a certain hottie that hates him.

A dire wolf shifter hottie.

Ever since those dire wolf shifters came to their rescue—and who said they needed rescue anyway—Nia's been unable to deny her attraction to Drew. But she keeps acting like she's hating on him.

These shifters have enough problems with being hunted and staying hidden from the black-hat contractors that want them dead. And now love has complicated everything.
A dire wolf shifter destined to be an alpha.

Lance's dream is to be able to lead the pack. He's hellbent on being the alpha.

A dire wolf shifter hottie with a big, big secret.

Layla's loved Lance more than she can remember. He's been her priority. But now she has a new priority. How will that impact her feelings for Lance?

A mission and a baby can test the limits of any couple. Except Lance and Layla aren't a couple. And they have to think of more than just themselves.
Cord and Jace of the Everglade Clan are looking for a missing clan member.
A tiger shifter that hasn't been seen for a while.
Grant's a dire wolf shifter born of a laboratory.

Grant's got a secret that threatens his life within the clan.

A dire wolf shifter hottie that dreams of a normal life.

Daniela's always wanted to have a normal, less nomadic life. Does Grant offer that or does he offer dissension within a clan?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
3 May

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