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It's been five years since Penny Ramsay saw her brother's best friend—and it wasn't long enough. Their families hate each other. And after his girlfriend bullied her in high school, leading to the most traumatic incident of her life, she's hoped he'd taken the hint to stay away—forever. Unfortunately, her luck sucks. Special Agent Luke Donovan—A.K.A. Rochester Hills' Golden Boy—is on his way to the Upper Peninsula  to help the Marquette PD solve a murder.

Sorority girls are being targeted at Northern Michigan University—and a girl will die every thirty days unless they catch the madman responsible. As the Psychological Liaison for the Marquette PD, Penny needs to get into the perp's head to prevent the next killing. What she didn't want was Luke blasting into her life and destroying her carefully erected walls. After the heartache he'd put her through, he's her sworn enemy… and he's never getting back in.

Luke isn't sure why Penny hates him so much, but enough is enough. He's spent his whole life playing protector to his best friend's baby sister. He'd stuck up for her, even to his psycho ex. But said sister grew up. She's no longer that chubby little girl who looked at him with hearts in her eyes. She's a gorgeous woman with a PhD in Psychology and a grudge a mile wide. When Colton Ramsay recommends him as the Bureau's Special Agent in charge of her case, it's the perfect opportunity to clear the air and reignite the intense chemistry that's been simmering under the surface for years.

Putting their past aside isn't easy as they try to thwart the killer's twisted game. But as details of the case unfold, Penny finds it difficult to separate the ghosts of the past from the present. How can she trust the only man that had broken her heart to be her savior once more?

*Please be aware this novel has graphic descriptions of sexual trauma and abuse that might trigger some readers. Sexual situations and cursing are also present in this book--Intended for ages 18 and older. If you aren't comfortable with steamy scenes, this isn't the book for you.

28 September
Auria Jourdain

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