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A painful past. A wall of steel. And an ex from hell.

     Could the holidays get any worse? After his dad's death, Detroit FBI field agent Colton Ramsay didn't think so. His mom's on hospice and his ex-college sweetheart just married his ex-roommate--and now he's been assigned to investigate a murder in the icy wastelands of the Upper Peninsula. But when sexy ski hill manager Kyra Erikkson and her five-year-old son storm into Colton's life, he has a change of heart. Her chestnut curls and baby blues ignite a carnal need deep within that he'd suppressed long ago. But Kyra and her son need his protection. Can Colton lower his emotional wall and let love in?

A secret past. A life on the run. And an ex from hell.

     Kyra Erikkson has spent years sacrificing everything she loves to keep her five-year-old son Jackson safe from her nightmare ex-husband. Settling in a small town in the Northwoods, life is quiet—until her best friend is murdered and all hell breaks loose. When handsome FBI agent Colton Ramsay arrives to investigate, his intrusive questions and brooding attraction both infuriate and arouse Kyra to no end. She tries to keep the man at a safe distance--and her past hidden--but secrets come with a price, and Kyra is forced to make a decision that scares her more than her ex: Can she trust another man with her fragile heart and soul after having them both ripped to shreds?

*This novel contains strong sexual content, some graphic violence and language. Suitable for 18+only.

20 October
Auria Jourdain

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