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The Serenity of Trinity is Threatened and its Future Depends on Two StarBridge Ambassadors

Return to Trinity where Earth had first discovered intelligent life that allowed them admittance into the Cooperative League of Systems. Through friendship and understanding the men and women of StarBridge are forming bonds with the natives.
In the skies of Trinity, the birdlike Grus welcome the deaf human ambassador, Tesa. In the seas of Trinity, the aquatic Singers communicate with the young StarBridge student, Jib. But on the surface of Trinity, an alien life form has landed, and these amphibious beings from a distant world are definitely not friendly.

We hope that you have enjoyed this fifth book in the StarBridge Series. We are pleased to be bringing back this classic young adult tale to readers everywhere and hope you will continue in the series with the next book, Ancestor’s World.

Book 1: StarBridge - Earth discovers they are not the only sentient beings in the universe and their first contact turns deadly in an unfortunate turn of events.

Book 2: Silent Dances - Deaf since birth, Tesa is the perfect ambassador to the alien Grus whose sonic cries can kill. Has earth made its own discovery of a new sentient species?

Book 3: Shadow World - A young man learns how to cope with death from a golden-eyed race of beings with tragically short lives.

Book 4: Serpent’s Gift - A young girl creates a mind-link with the StarBridge computer, and a series of deadly accidents threatens all life on the asteroid.

Book 5: Silent Songs - Amphibious beings from a distant world land on the planet Trinity, threatening the native creatures and the StarBridge ambassadors.

Book 6: Ancestor’s World - When a member of an archeological team on the planet Na-Dina is brutally murdered, Mahree Burroughs arrives to find the killer, no matter the cost.

Book 7: Voices of Chaos - The feline beings known as Arrekhi have requested admission into the Cooperative League of Systems, but they are harboring a secret that could have deadly consequences.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 11
A. C. Crispin

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