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The world’s greatest magician offers a special benefit and is killed dead performing one of his tricks. Is it bad luck, or did someone sabotage his show? A horrible murder leads a reporter to a rundown Quebec bar. Can he find the killer before the moon turns or will the werewolf strike again? An ex-reporter and now junkie who sells stories for his fix brings a scoop that’s not quite believable. Long-in-the-tooth actresses are somehow being rejuvenated, transformed into the most intriguing and bewitching females in Hollywood. Plastic surgery has never been this good but, when the junkie is killed in the midst of spilling is story, what are the chances it’s just coincidence? Years ago, talking circus animals went on a crime spree robbing banks and killing. Could a saintly ex-carnie have been responsible and who, exactly, are these mysterious cousins showing up for a cut of the inheritance? A cruise to Europe should be a victory lap for two of Hollywood’s hottest actresses… and the husband who’s a flack for the movie industry. But there’s more going on than a sexy ex-lover hoping to woo one of the actresses.

Reporter Moxie Donnovan already won his Pulitzer Prize for his exposes on the Nazi movement in America. He should be able to enjoy his life, play the Hollywood man about town with his movie-star wife Maxi, and make a few bucks spinning lies about what star is sleeping with whom. Instead, it’s up to Moxie and Maxi (which one is the hero and which the sidekick is certainly up for debate) to investigate the crimes, determine who is guilty, and somehow stay alive long enough to head off the killers. Much to Moxie’s continued dismay, the crimes he and Maxi investigate often cross the line into the supernatural and there’s nothing Moxie hates more than a Nazi-loving wizard in funky robes.

Author Teel James Glenn is a master of pulp-style heroic fiction and his Moxie/Maxi stories, including TABLOID TERRORS, are pure fun. The relationship and sleuthing of Moxie and Maxi Donnovan reminds me of William Powell/Myrna Loy in THE THIN MAN series. Glenn digs deep into history. I certainly had never heard of the Eric The Red’s Land controversy that plays a role in this book.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 14
Rob Preece

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