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Publisher Description

TAIRONIAN GOLD is an adventure/suspense story. Farrine Munroe, a young Spanish teacher from Kansas, goes to Colombia to claim the coffee farm she inherited from her aunt who died there mysteriously. On the way up the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the taxi driver, fearing landslides, abandons her in a thunderstorm. Handsome Spanish-speaking Danilo Franco rescues her. She is attracted to him but suspicious of his motives. Attempts on her life begin the day after she arrives at the coffee farm, La Felicidad. Someone wants her dead. Is it the caretaker's son, Victor, who believes the farm is his? The guerrillas, who kill farmers and take their land? Grave robbers, who loot Taironian gold on her property? Arms smugglers? All are frightening possibilities. Farrine finds her aunt's shallow grave. She had been murdered. Victor catches Farrine spying on his meeting with arms smugglers and imprisons her. She escapes and runs to an American neighbor for help, only to find that he has been murdered. Danilo saves both Farrine and her farm, reveals his true identity, and wins Farrine's trust and love. They head for the airport with Victor in pursuit. In a wild chase, Victor catches them as they arrive at an isolated airstrip to board a waiting plane. He opens fire and hits Farrine's foot, but Danilo manages to pull her aboard as the small plane takes off. Destination: Danilo's penthouse in Miami with plans to return to La Felicidad.

Fiction & Literature
April 3
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