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In DON'T HIDE SON Blake is not sure what his next decision should be because he doesn't want to disappoint his mother, Lucy by destroying what she built. In another, Blake has to figure out what it's a safe decision to take down their rivals without losing their power and reputation against their rival Deleon family. In the never-ending crime wars that they are all involved in.

In MUSEUM HEIST Nathan hopes this would be his last job that he will have to do to obtain his freedom from Monsieur Beaux. However, while Nathan took the paintings they were asked to steal, his partner Luke was not on the same page as Nathan. Who realized how deceiving and cold hearted people could be in the criminal underground were in some cases hope is the only thing you have left.

In UNDER THE BALTIC SEA Colin is one of the best archaeologists, but he has an intense fear of being underwater. His friends Greg and Luke located a strange rock in a circular formation at the bottom of the Baltic sea with their sonar. They have to try to convince Colin to go with them to investigate since the rock couldn't be moved. However, Colin will not be brought down that easily, so he has to figure out a way to examine the rock from the surface or end up facing his fear and going underwater for the sake of knowledge.

In THE QUEEN'S WATCHDOG Aurelia Blackwell has a big secret that her parents worked so hard to keep hidden from the whole British nation. However, the one person whom Aurelia didn't want to know found out her secret and that was Queen Victoria. The same individual whom Aurelia has to listen and obey as not to lose her title of Duchess, her land or business since women couldn't own anything unless they were married. In exchange, for the Queen staying quiet about it she uses Aurelia to remove anything or anyone that disrupts her reign of Britain.

Fiction & Literature
November 17
Valerie Orozco