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This is the third and final piece of the "My Best Friend's Dad" trilogy. Carly has made some progress with Greg, her best friend's kinky dad, but the weekend's not over yet. She's determined to lose her virginity to him before she goes back to school, but she's not sure how to make that happen. Finally, she works up the nerve to approach him. The result is an afternoon of bondage, passion, and discovery that will change both of their paths forever.

WARNING: This story's final installment features approx. 9,000 words of bondage and explicit sex between a naughty college girl and a kinky older man, and it's still for adults only!


She shuddered as those warm hands smoothed their way up her waist, beneath her shirt. Slowly he slid the shirt up until it was above her breasts, squished tight against her body by her push-up bra. Her cleavage bounced slightly above the pink cups as he wiggled the shirt up as far as he could with her arms bound.

"Mmm," he moaned softly in approval. He had seen her topless more than once now, but she still felt nervous as he brought his hands to her breasts. He rubbed his forefingers over her cleavage softly, the rough digits making her shudder.

"Cute," he murmured. "Very cute. You're even matching."

Her adrenaline was pumping so hard it took her a minute to realize what he meant. When she realized he meant her panties, she laughed.

"I was hoping you'd be seeing them," she said. Not being able to see his reaction made her a bit bolder. He chuckled.

"You've been planning."


"Since you contacted me, haven't you?"


He reached behind her, unclasping her bra and gently sliding the straps down her shoulders. Her chest heaved as her breasts were exposed, the nipples hardening as they met the cool air. He didn't touch them, not yet. Instead he trailed his fingertips down her side, all the way down her torso to her hips. She shuddered, goose bumps breaking out over her skin as her nipples turned hard as rocks.

"You're a naughty girl, Carly," he murmured. "I've known you a long time, and I'd never thought you'd grow up to be so naughty."

She felt her face flushing even more. "I am naughty," she said, feeling a bit breathless as she realized how true that statement was.

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August 1
Audrey Black

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