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Returning from a European Cup match against Red Star Belgrade the plane carrying Manchester United Busby Babes stopped at Munich airport to refuel. On its third attempt to take-off in atrocious weather conditions the plane veered off the runway, crashed and burst into flames. 21 people died, 8 members of the legendary team among them (including Duncan Edwards), and Sir Matt Busby was rushed to hospital in critical condition. The greatest British football team of their generation was destroyed.
Munich was a defining moment not only for Manchester United but was one of those historic days when everyone alive at the time can remember where they were when they heard the terrible news.
Frank Taylor was the only journalist on the plane that night to survive and during his hospitalization wrote this book, revising it extensively 25 years later to include all the subsequent knowledge about the crash.
Two surviving members of the Manchester United players on the flight, Bobby Charlton and Bill Foulkes, would recover to play in Manchester United's European Cup victory in 1968. Fifty years afterwards Duncan Edwards is still remembered as having the potential to have been England's greatest player.

This is is the definitive, firsthand account of the crash that killed eight members of one of the greatest Manchester United teams in history. On February 6, 1958, a plane carrying the so-called Busby Babes--named for manager Matt Busby--attempted to take off from a slush-covered runway in Munich following a European Cup match; the plane careened off the runway, and crashed into a nearby house, killing 23 passengers. Frank Taylor recalls the events leading up to the disaster, the moment of the crash, and its appalling aftermath. Features recollections from players who survived--including Duncan Edwards who died 15 days after the crash--and exclusive photographs from the scene.

The Munich air crash of February 6th 1958 killed 8 members of Manchester United's Busby Babes, and seemed to be the end of the brilliant team Busby had built. Frank Taylor nearly died in the crash and during his hospitalization he wrote this book, and revised it extensively 25 years later to include all the subsequent knowledge about the crash, as well as to pay tribute to the United team that eventually won the European Cup in 1968 from the ashes of Busby's team. Even today Duncan Edwards is remembered as the greatest player England could have produced, nothing like the Busby Babes had been seen before and this revised edition pays tribute to Sir Matt Busby, who died in 1993.

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