The Demon's Redemption

Book 3 of 'Hell's Horny Angels'

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Sister Kathleen is possessed by a horny demon! Can the sexy nun use Lorelei's power for good, while at the same time finally giving in to her carnal urges? And not far away, succubi demon-hunters Althea and Morgan sense Lorelei's presence. When Hell's Horny Angels finally meet, it will change everything that Althea has spent her life believing! Can a demon actually be forgiven?

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

"So," Patrick said, his eyebrows raised warily as she laid the last of the dishes in the sink. They could wait for later, Kathleen decided. "You want to talk?"

"No." She shook her head. "I want to make love.

"With you."

And with those words, she took three short steps across the tiny kitchen, hugged Patrick around the waist, and looked up. He fit in her arms so perfectly. As if they had truly been made for each other. As if God had decided, before the world had even been created, that she and Patrick were destined to live their lives together. And nothing, not even her grandmother's spite or her own halting steps to self-discovery, would stand in that path.

A thought struck her. Could even Lorelei be part of that plan?

~Spare me,~ the demon replied with a shudder. ~I want nothing to do with God or heaven ever again.~

To her relief, Patrick didn't protest, or stutter, or make a stupid joke, or fall into a puddle of male uncertainty. Instead, he simply looked down at her, his blue eyes solemn. "You're sure?"

"Completely," she replied. She lifted up, her heels giving her sufficient height to offer him her mouth. Patrick took it without question, and she moaned. His lips were soft but firm, sliding over hers with a casual male confidence that was incredibly sexy. She pressed forward, pushing Patrick into the counter, wanting to feel every wonderful inch of him along her body.

"I've wanted you so long," he whispered, and now, oh, and now his hands were gathering up her skirt, every move of his fingers lifting it higher and higher in the air. Past her shins, her knees, her thighs, until he could set his hands on her hips, bare except for the thin lace of her panties. Kathleen rubbed against him, and now he was getting hard. She could feel it, that subtle, lovely stiffening as his arousal made his body react to hers.

She dropped her hand down. And it wasn't just Lorelei's lusty approval which made her eyes go wide. Patrick filled her palm. Filled it and more. She couldn't stop herself from rubbing him in slow circles, savoring the hot hard length, separated from her by only the thickness of his denim jeans.

He chuckled into her mouth, and Lorelei crooned. ~Yes. Here is a man!~

Fiction & Literature
8 July
Boruma Publishing

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